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King David & Harold House Foundation


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The Liverpool Jewish Community

Dating back to 1750, the Liverpool Jewish community is one of the oldest provincial Jewish communities in the UK.

Over the years an infrastructure has been built up to ensure the smooth running of the community and making it one of the leading communities for communal and charitable work.

Boasting the King David & Harold House Foundation which runs a Kindergarten, Primary School and High School with a vibrant 6th form as well as the Community Centre all housed in the State of the Art King David Campus.

To look after the Social Welfare of the community there is the Merseyside Jewish Community Care with it’s own care team and offering a Kosher Meals-on-Wheels service, Kosher lunch and afternoon tea clubs, hospital and home visitation amongst many other activities.

The MJCC is complemented by the Stapely Care Residential Home and Hospital where residents are given the most excellent care in their twilight years.

Three orthodox and one reform synagogues cater for the religious and spiritual needs of the community with many activities taking place in their buildings.

Liverpool has so much to offer and is well placed on the motorway and rail networks for easy commuting to other towns and cities and it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is a centre of the “Social Scene”.

Come and visit the friendly Jewish Community of Liverpool and sample some of its delights whether you’re looking for Culture, Social, Clubs, Religion, Fine Dining and much more, you’ll find it in Liverpool.

Contact Sara Radivan, Administrator, to find out more about our wonderful, friendly community and city.